Need a reason to try the Meadowvale Coin Laundry? How about 5...

1. Our facility is REALLY CLEAN. Period. 

After all, who wants to do laundry in a dirty, poorly maintained facility with run-down machines and the grime left behind by the last guy? We're always fully attended and we know how important it is for a coin laundry to be super clean. It's job #1 and we do it well. Want proof, check out our Photos page (here and on FACEBOOK).

2. Do a Week's Worth of Laundry in 4 Minutes!

Just drop it off and go (2 MINUTES). Come and get it the next day (same day possible too) (2 MINUTES)!

4 MINUTES, DONE!! (we clocked it!). It's good value for the money... and you'll never have to do laundry again!! That includes wash, soap, dry, folding and bagging using professional grade equipment and 'second-to-none', experienced staff. You just have to put it into your dresser drawers when you get home and you're done. Try it once and see if you ever want to go back.

3. Prefer to do it in 1 Hour and Combine Some Weekly Chores?

OK. Maybe you like doing your own laundry (we won't judge). If you're going to do it anyway, why not load up 2, 3 or 4 washers (the whole week's worth of laundry at once), then walk to a store in the plaza and complete an errand while the cycle is underway.  Come back in 30 minutes and move it to the dryers and take care of another one. We're located in the middle of the Meadowvale Town Centre - Shoppers Drug Mart, LCBO, Tim Hortons, Metro, LCBO, Canadian Tire, Nails, Hair, lunch....and lots more... it's all here. Check out our photos tab and see for yourself.

4. Someone to Help You! Professional, Experienced and Courteous Staff

Those big, shiny machines look pretty cool. But maybe they scare you. No problem, we're always fully attended with professional, experienced and courteous staff who are always willing and eager to help you out. Ask for a quick tour and let them introduce you to the facility and the equipment. All your fears will melt away, and we're sure it won't be so scary the second time around. 

5. More Economical, Environmentally-Friendly, Professional-Grade Equipment

OK, you might be thinking "a washer is a washer". But our professional grade equipment offers some advantages:

  • Larger loads means fewer loads, saving you $$. You can combine multiple loads into our larger machines for real cost savings. We've got machines that will up to take 55 pounds of clothes in one shot. That's way cheaper than loading up your home machine and running it 4 times. And, since there's no agitator in a front-loading machine, there's a lot more room for dirty clothes even in our smaller machines.
  • Faster Drying Time using Less Energy, Saving you $$. Front-loading machine's spin mechanism can reach up to 1,000 rpm, as opposed to the standard top-loader's average 650 rpm. That means less water left in your laundry, which in turn gives you a shorter drying time, saving you money and energy there, too.While a top-loading machine requires enough water to cover all the clothes in its drum, a front-loading washer needs only a third of that amount because its drum is set horizontally in the machine. As the drum turns, it uses gravity to drop the clothes back into the water. And while a top-loading machine will empty the soapy water and refill for a rinse agitation cycle, a front-loading machine just sprays clean water on the load as the drum continues to turn, saving gallons.
  • Big Capacity Machines. Got big stuff, like a king size comforter? No problem. We have machines for that
  • We run a water softening system. It reduces or removes minerals and chemicals from from the water source through ion exchange, making your laundry come out cleaner and feeling softer, with up to 1/2 the soap! No more 'scratchy towels'
  • Professional grade equipment gets your clothes cleaner than traditional home use equipment.
  • Less water, good for the environment.
  • Clothing Life. There's no question that the agitators used in top load machines are tough on your clothes. Because only gravity is at work in a front-loading machine, you'll save a lot of wear and tear on your laundry, extending the life of your clothes and linens.

6. Pickup and Delivery Service!!

OK. It used to be 5 things. But you asked and we listened. Now offering up top reason #6.

Pickup and Delivery Service!

Imagine - we come to you, pick up your dirty laundry, professionally wash, dry and fold it, then drop it all back off to you! Could it get any easier than that? Call or stop in to find out more!